iPad Stylus Reviews
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We believe the Boxwave and Dagi stylus are by far the best notetaking pens for the iPad currently on the market.  Check out why below:
The stylus pen below from Buy.com is the best deal we could find on the internet.    I ended up losing my Boxwave so I figured it would be good to have a couple, and at this price - with free shipping, you can't beat it.   They work great.
- Dagi
- Touchtec Pen
- Boxwave
- Pogo  
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In your next big meeting start writing your notes directly on PDF documents using Notetaker HD.  Then email the meeting presentation with all your notes to colleagues and see how productivity pushes to the next level.  Or better yet, sign a document as soon as someone emails it to you and send it right back.  No more printing.  Check out our full review here.
Recent Innovation in Notetaking Apps:

iPad Stylus (Jet Black) 
Price: $4.99                                                Free Shipping!

Compatible: All iPads, Blackberry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy tablet & all other capacitive touch screens
iPad Stylus with Cap Attachment
Price: $10.98

Free Shipping!

Compatible: All iPads, Blackberry PlayBook, Samusung Galaxy tablet & all other capacitive touch screens
Here's one which attaches to your ipad's audio jack:

Some More of My Favorite iPad Prodcuts:
This is the best case I have owned for the iPad 2.  I bought 4 before settling on this.  Its equivalent to Apple's extremely popular case for the first iPad except better.  Its thin and has the smart cover sleep/wake feature when you open/shut the case.
Smart Slim Full Body Cover for iPad 2 
Price: $27.44                                        
Shipping: $2.98

Compatible: iPad 2 only
I was paying $30 / month all you can eat data package for the iPad's intgrated wireless broadband from AT&T.  Then finally canceled that and decided to buy the 4G wifi hotspot so I can provide internet for multiple devices.  Its awesome.  Not sure why anyone would pay close to the same amount for internet on only one device 
AT&T 4G Mobile Hotspot Elevate   
Price: $69.99                                        
Free Shipping!

Compatible: all devices